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David Harness

David Harness is one of the most popular DJ/producers in the San Francisco Bay Area club scene. He
has been described as ‘a man who lives, breathes and emanates everything that is beautiful about deep
house music and classic garage.’ David is considered a ‘rising star’ within the dance community.’ With
influences varying from Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes,
Quincy Jones, the Jackson Five, Stevie Wonder, Parliament Funkadelic, the Isley Brothers and First
Choice, among others it's easy to see why funk and soul have always been strong elements in his sound.
In 1990, David began DJ’ing at the After Dark in his hometown of Monterey, California. As his popularity
grew past the boundaries of Monterey, he was invited to establish a residency at Tilt and the Sound
Factory in San Francisco.

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