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Dj Dan

To those who still may not know all that much on Dan, we’ll help you out from under that rock. As you can
tell from just a bit of the praise from musical icons DJ Dan has received, our West Coast bred friend has
been around the block a few times (and turning heads all the while). Music has been forever entrenched
in Dan’s life, having garnered a superior record collection at the age of 8 that would give Amoeba
Records a run for its money. Starting his professional musical career with some smaller clubs in Seattle
and then Los Angeles, DJ Dan had a rise to recognition in the dance music community that could be
considered meteoric. Forming the Funky Techno Tribe in 1993, DJ Dan fused together breakbeat, house,
dub, and techno to create a sound that later was fittingly crowned, “West Coast House”. And with
renowned tracks like “Needle Damage”, and remixes for everyone from Depeche Mode to Duck Sauce,
Dan’s production prowess is undeniable. The journey that Dan’s talents have taken him on could go on
for pages and pages. He has played alongside the likes of fellow legends from Carl Cox to John Digweed
with a mission of making club goers unable to fight the urge to dance the night away.

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