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Phra, aka Crookers, born in a small town in the Alps, and now lives in an equally tiny community in Switzerland, surrounded by a peace and quiet that is the polar opposite of the chaotic, brazen, in-your-face explosiveness of his production. His sound embodies in equal parts house, rap and weird: the now world-recognized and signature Crookers sound. Back in 2007 almost exactly seven years ago was when Crookers' first mixtape emerged from the Milanese rap-electro scene and started the journey that has led Phra to this point. That was the beginning of what was to become a journey that took the name Crookers to headline some of the biggest festivals in the world and remix some of the hottest names in music. From U2 to Lady Gaga & Beyoncè, and most renown for his remix of Kid Cudi ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’ which made Crookers a household name.

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