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Breathe Carolina

People have tendency to be skeptical of something unfamiliar or new especially
when it reeks of success. Such is the fate for new kids on the block Breathe
Carolina. The trio was able to turn heads with their dance debut "Anywhere But
Home" (Aramada / Zouk) which crept along the Beatport Progressive House
charts until it was slotted in the #1 position & #5 Overall. As well as claiming the
"highest selling single" position on Armada's ZOUK imprint.
Breathe Carolina followed the success in releasing "Hero (Satellite)" (Oxygen /
Spinnin) with a massive club banger reaching #1 on Beatport's Progressive
House chart and #7 Overall. With the group having a laundry list of confirmed
tracks coming out on Spinnin, Armada, and Wall this fall moving into 2016-
Breathe Carolina are showing they have what it takes to rise to the top.

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